Hailing from Newington, Connecticut, 1974 is a five-piece progressive rock band that conjures up massive and powerful emanations of a bygone era. Since 2007, the band has been awing audiences with punchy guitar riffs, rich vocal harmonies, and high-energy stage shows. The band consists of the dramatic Mike Forgette on guitar, the pony-tailed Tim Moore on drums, the bombastic Gary Dionne on bass, the reserved Adam Clymer on guitar, and the unassuming Parker Hu on keys.

Citing influences from bands such as Yes, Rush and Jethro Tull, it’s easy to see why 1974’s sound has been referred to as "unashamed early prog worship" (Hartford Advocate). But though the band skillfully composes complex time signatures and dramatic riffs, the music is sweetened by layers of catchy melodies that evoke a more contemporary sound. The interwoven styles of rock, pop, and other eclectic influences are what set 1974’s music apart.

1974 was still relatively unknown until February of 2011, when their album, "1974 & The Battle for the Lazer Fortress" garnered mass critical praise from fans and the media, and a place in CT.com’s Top CT Albums of 2011. Their release was a full-length sci-fi epic, which the Hartford Courant called, "an ambitious effort, in concept and musicianship... an accomplished album from a young band worth watching.” The band would not disappoint.

In 2012, 1974 took a break from their intergalactic storytelling to release two EPs, "The Return" and "A Soldier’s Tale". "The Return" was applauded by Hartford Advocate, "This album, just like the full-length before it, deserves the listener’s immediate and undivided attention." "A Soldier’s Tale", released at the end of 2012, was also called an album that "not only raised the bar, at least locally, for what a band could do with a concept album, but also re-introduced the listener to one of the most talented bands in the state” (CT.com). That year, 1974 would take home The Advocate’s Connecticut Music Award for "Best New Band".

The band returned to their epic space saga in 2013 with the release of their sophomore full-length album, "1974 & The Death of the Herald", which was again met with awards and accolades. Local Band Review raved, "Ear candy for the masses... I highly recommend you add this masterpiece to your collection ASAP.” Lonesome Noise called it "A creation that can be described in no other way but epic... a breathtaking moment of grandiose design.” For their efforts, 1974 was presented as the "Best Rock Band" at the 2013 Connecticut Music Awards, and awarded "Best Album of the Year" from Lonesome Noise. On top of being well-received locally, 1974 also began to see recognition on an international level, garnering attention and positive reviews from Sweden, Brazil, England, Germany, Serbia and Japan.

1974 continued their forward momentum as they performed at larger venues and to broader audiences in New England, including Norfolk’s acclaimed Infinity Hall, The Bushnell in Hartford, Northampton’s Iron Horse Music Hall, and at Connecticut’s annual Daffodil Festival and Vision and Grit Festival. They would repeatedly receive the "Best Rock Band" and "Best Overall Band" title from the Connecticut Music Awards in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

With their collective vision still set on course, the band works feverishly on the completion of their grand sci-fi trilogy. The climax of the story and musical album is set to release in the fall of 2016; a culmination of long-endured effort and distinct imagination that is not to be missed.

On stage, the personalities of 1974 meld into an energetic spectacle that is enthralling to watch. Off stage, the group is a close-knit group of friends that works tirelessly to grow as writers and performers. A band that never rests, 1974 is always looking to the next, bigger, original project.

"Truly EPIC. HUGE Sounding."- CT Ain't So Bad

"A creation that can be described in no other way but epic…a breathtaking moment of grandiose design."- LonesomeNoise.com

"...cinematic and epic in scope, complete with a wall of crunchy guitars, exceptional vocal arrangements and harmonies, smoking keyboards, thought-provoking lyrics, and well crafted tunes..."- Prognaut.com